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By Mitchell Mylius

Livermore is developing a plan to improve walking and biking trails around the city. It’s called the Active Transportation Plan (ATP) and Livermore wants the public’s input.

Livermore Community and Economic Development representatives Debbie Bell and Andy Ross were set up on May 4 in front of the 1600 building with big paper maps of the city. When students would comment on the plan about areas of concern, they would circle the area and write down thoughts.

Lori Parks, associate planner from the City of Livermore Planning Division, came to LPC on Feb. 5 for a similar reason. She was trying to get feedback from people under the age of 24 on the Isabel Neighborhood Plan involving the BART to Livermore project.

The division held an online survey for feedback on the neighborhood plan. Out of all the people who responded, two people were between the ages of 18-24.

“So, the future development of this area is in the hands of old people,” Parks said.

The ATP is not just dealing with the area around the college, however. The committee is taking input for the whole city of Livermore.

For students who didn’t see the map, there is an interactive one and a survey online at

The city is hoping to use the ATP to prioritize future trail improvements for the community.

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