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Sanestina Hunter
Staff Writer

Livermore-Pleasanton Police Department will do SWAT training at Las Positas College over spring break.

While LPC students are on spring break having fun and relaxing, the college will keep the doors open for the Livermore-Pleasanton Police Department, welcoming the SWAT training/practice in a special area of the school. The training will not impact students.

On April 16 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., special areas of LPC will cater to the needs of law enforcement training, led by a Livermore police lieutenant. Caution tape will surround facilities used for training in the following buildings 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 in Parking Lot B.

“LPC students are welcome to come and watch some of the action take place. Students who wish come are welcome to bring alone friends and family, take pictures, participate if they are asked, for demonstration purposes, but they must stay behind the caution tape. They can’t come inside,” said Campus Safety Supervisor Sean Prather.

Although this multi SWAT team will practice at LPC, they are no strangers to the campus.  During spring break 2013, Livermore-Pleasanton Police Department came out to practice and used students for demonstration, but left during practice after an emergency call. The details of the call are not known.

The training event helps the SWAT team become more effective to the needs of the community.

It’s not just LPC that receives the special attention for its big space. Other places such as high schools, hospitals and churches can be used for practice as well.

“The more you train, the better you get at something.  The SWAT team not only benefits LPC but the entire community as a whole,” Prather said. “This is real life. This isn’t fake. Things happen. It’s continuous practice and they will practice wherever they need to.”

Since 2008, Las Positas College has gradually added new buildings, which opened more classrooms for students.

The Livermore-Pleasanton Police Department will have the opportunity to become even more familiar with the campus and LPC continues to provide higher learning in the community.

As a precaution, the Campus Safety Office advises students to avoid the areas to be used for training until after 4 p.m. on April 16. The Mail Room should also be avoided for safety purposes.

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