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By Carleen Surrena @SURRENA_C

It’s been one month since the new athletic director took the reins of the Las Positas College athletics department.

With the official title of Dean of Business, Health, Athletics and Work Experience Director of Athletics, Dr. Amir Law has entered the picture with a wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute to a program in need of some leadership.

As what Law describes as being in school his whole life to get to where he is now is not an understatement.

“I have been in school since the time I was five until I finished my doctorate in 2014,” Law said.

During his pursuit of a doctoral degree, Law earned his BA in English and History, and MBA in Coaching and Athletic Administration. While accomplishing these tasks, Law continued to explore his options. His resume boasts many different positions including Director of Student Services at University of Utah, assistant women’s basketball coach at Concordia, athletic administrator at Concordia, where he helped develop and build apparel and sales programs, participated in community marketing relations programs and sports marketing internship programs. There, he also took on the role as the assistant housing director in charge of student success.

“I’ve been fairly intentional in the jobs and assignments I have taken when on a campus,” Law said.  “I want to know how an entire campus works.”

Whether it’s meeting with students, departmental meetings, or vice presidents of the school, he is able to speak from all of his across campus professional experiences as opposed to just one area. As a real leader he feels he should know how one instance could effect someone else’s department. These things have helped him move along in his career.

Law grew up in Los Angeles, and was the second youngest of four brothers. Raised by a single mother who worked a lot, Law had to keep himself busy. He played every sport possible including football, basketball, track, volleyball and baseball. He learned at an early age he was able to pick up and process information very fast. As he got older, it was evident to him that there were two things he consistently gravitated towards: business and athletics.

“Sports have always been a part of my life,” Law said.

At one point he thought he wanted to be a high school teacher but the summer before he was to be a student teacher, he realized he did not want to be in the high school class setting.  He took a year off, worked in the business world side of things and then went back to pursue his MBA and eventually his doctorate.

Not long after, Law spent a year as an interim dean of admissions and records and financial aid at Grossmont College. From there he discovered the position at Las Positas College was open for the taking. He consulted with the small circle of friends and mentors he was close to, and heard nothing but good things.

After meeting his wife and having a daughter, Law hadn’t stayed in more than one spot within the past five to six years. The decision to spend some time in one place and focus on building and planting some roots was imminent.

“If there was ever a job built for the next step, this was it,” Law said.

Law was hired, and is slowly initiating himself into the daily grind of the Las Positas educational and athletic programs. Something he keeps in mind is keeping a strong line of communication with the students and student athletes. He has already instituted an open-door policy for his staff and students.

“I want to do right by our staff and faculty, and stay as connected as possible,” Law said.

Law and family have settled in Livermore and he is enjoying the short commute to Las Positas.

Law says one of the best things he gets to wake up to every morning is his daughter’s giggles, and her love of singing.

With a loving smile Law says,
“The kid wakes up singing every day. She has a variety of songs she likes to sing and we create silly songs as well.”

“I am a firm believer that 90% of your life is your perspective about what you are going through. If you wake up with a positive outlook, you’re going to have a pretty good day.”

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