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If you go to class and talk during the lecture to the point where anyone else is distracted, you are stealing.

You are stealing the time of the instructor and everyone else in the room. You’re stealing money from the people who have paid to be there. You’re stealing from every taxpayer who’s paid money to fund education.

And most of all, you’re cheating yourself out of becoming anything more than the vapid, self-consumed, go-nowhere many of you seem so proud of being.

My outrage at this doesn’t limit itself to the students of mass disruption — it extends to the students who witness this behavior and do nothing.

The students who sit in silence when the instructors do their best to teach and other students make it more difficult for the professor to disseminate information for the engaged student to absorb it properly.

If you’re at school and all you’re going to do is talk or look at stupidity on your cellphone, do every single sane person in your class a favor and leave and never come back.

To the parents who make their idiot, do-nothing kids “go to school or get a job,” rethink your strategy because you’re not only wasting your idiot kid’s time, you’re wasting the time of anyone with self-respect, as well.

If you want to blame the school or your instructors, guess what?

The information is in the textbooks.

You can discern it for yourself, pass the tests and leave. Because if you failed a test, it’s nobody’s fault but yours.

It’s the victim mentality that is so prevalent in today’s society that if I’m not getting ahead, it must be somebody else’s fault.

Stop it; you’re responsible for your idiocy.

There are a wealth of resources here at Las Positas College to help you pass your classes. If you don’t use them and you don’t understand the course material, that’s on you.

If you have a legitimate learning disability — more power to you.

I guarantee you don’t spend even a single-digit of a percentage of your time complaining about what somebody else did to keep you from achieving your academic goals.

Instead, you probably worked as hard as you could to achieve a goal you set for yourself and were willing to fail, as a matter of fact you probably took it in stride and used a failure as motivation to do it better the next time.

I used to be able to turn my head at the sight of some idiot playing video games on his computer during a lecture as an exception, not the rule — but as more time passes, the more it seems like an epidemic of stupidity and laziness has descended on the generation directly proceeding mine.

I remember a time in my education when it was the norm for the class to remain silent until prompted into activity by the teacher — now the women and men of generation-who-cares seem hell-bent on filling every second of every day with inane chatter and digital whacking off. They seem to be proud to be stupid.

Where is their humility? Where did their sense of self-entitlement come from?

Usually, the people who treat others so poorly have at least accomplished something in their life.

They usually have some leg to stand on.

The majority of the dull-eyed hamburger patties who I’m in class with these days can seemingly barely string a sentence together, let alone form a coherent thought.

It’s almost as if they’re hostile towards the academic environment.

It’s as if certain people can’t understand the information so instead of trying harder, they set about making life in the classroom harder for everyone else.

It isn’t fair.

That may sound like whining — but is it fair that I’m to be subjected to a situation where I’m doing my best to pay attention to a professor delivering a lecture and can’t because the instructor has to stop to wrangle the herd?

Because the people around me can’t be wrapped up in anything else other than themselves, I have to waste my time and attention on them too?

The school is divided between people who are trying to make something of themselves and those content to just screw-around and trick their parents into thinking they have any sense of ambition or drive other than to subject their stupidity onto everyone else.

I understand Las Positas College isn’t exactly Princeton, but it doesn’t even matter. The school will continue to have a reputation for being the “13th grade” if the children who continue to come here persist in their hostility towards education and their peers do nothing about it.

There’s a war being waged and academia is losing here on LPC.

That is a moral-tragedy.

If people want to be idiots for the rest of their lives, they should have the ability to do so in a way that doesn’t affect the well-being of those in search of enlightenment or self-improvement.

Situations that are not academically stimulating are not fair to the people who come to a school looking to be academically stimulated.

Instead, at its worst, LPC operates as a glorified daycare for overgrown babies.

If you want to make a difference, tell the person who won’t stop talking to shut up. Tell the texters to put their phones away. If they have a question, make them raise their hands, and if they don’t want to be there, tell them to leave.

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