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Shelby Escott
Features Editor

With Janice Noble the former Vice President of academic services retired, the college is on the lookout for the next permanent replacement for the job. But in the meantime, the job is being filled with an interim VP of academic services.

Dr. Renee Kilmer is a retired vice president of instruction from Cabrillo College in Aptos. She will be holding the office while the college conducts its search. It will be her job to keep things moving in the right direction.

“I’m a retired VP and so sometimes a college will call up and say, ‘You have the experience and the knowledge to keep everything afloat in this period’ and of course I agreed,” Said Kilmer.

Having worked at Cabrillo for seven years, Kilmer retired from her post two years ago, but has agreed to bring her experience to the temporary job. Since Noble retired mid-semester, Kilmer has had to hit the ground running.

The transition from retirement to a temporary post at a full-time job has taken a bit of getting used to for Dr. Kilmer. From early rises to long hours, Kilmer has had to get back into the swing of things when she took the job, but is looking forward to the familiar involvement.

“When I was asked to do this I was very excited about coming back to the college campuses. I love the energy of campus, I like seeing the students at work and it’s a very pleasant experience.”

Although it is necessary to have someone in the VP position at all times, it is especially so in this semester as Las Positas is about to enter into an accreditation cell study. Essentially, this reaffirmation is an examination of the school’s credit and whether it deserves a stamp of approval.

As Kilmer has been a part of these cell studies in the past, she was a prime choice for the job of overseeing the proceedings. Having been on campus for a couple of weeks, Kilmer believes things to be in good shape.

But again, this is only a short-term fix, and Kilmer will be here only until Dec. 19th. Then she will return to retired life.

Kilmer said, “Retirement is for retirement and this is a full time position during this interim period so, I’ll probably be ready for retirement again after the beginning of the year.”

The college hopes to have someone permanent on board by January for the new and first semester of 2015.

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