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Greg Buckley @gbuckking

Out of work and in need of a job Colin Kaepernick decided his protest of kneeling for the national anthem has come full circle, and going forward will now stand.

He started kneeling in the offseason to protest social inequality throughout the country, and his protest created distinct divides amongst communities.

He pledged and followed through with his donations of $100,000 every month for ten months to various charities in the fight for social inequality, which is something that should be applauded, but in reality celebrities are giving money everyday, and in bigger dollar amounts and not receiving any credit for it.

Kaepernick claims his message was received throughout the country on a mass stage. He feels he no longer needs to protest using the platform he has been on, in an attempt to not attack the message with negativity.

What has changed in the country?

Now is the time to dig in, and show support to the masses that desperately need a figure leading the way.

Kaepernicks main intent was to bring forth police brutality.

Violence within inner cities throughout the country hasn’t slowed, whether through forms of police brutality or citizen on citizen.

President Trump is on a tirade signing executive order after executive order to enforce social inequality almost everyday.

The beauty of this country is the freedom we have to exercise our beliefs whenever we see fit. We have more rights than most countries.

We can protest issues.

When Kaepernick decided to activate on social issues he committed to change. For an entire NFL season he stuck to it, and gained followers who agreed with his message, and wanted change.

Now during the NFL combine he is realizing that his message may be a distraction to a new team, and the idea of not having job interviews lined up when he becomes a free agent is polarizing enough to make his camp think twice about his approach.

When your checkbook starts to get empty ideas can change.

That can’t be knocked, and Kaepernick needs to get paid, but don’t start something and then dip out when it isn’t convenient for you anymore.

When he was in the news for his protest I asked a lot of people who opposed him and what they thought change looked like? When there is a problem within society how do we change it? It was met with a lot of open mouths that had nothing to say.

For many what Kaepernick initiated is what it looked like.

Now it needs to be asked, at what price does change happen.

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