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The journey of life takes you to places beyond imagination. I successfully completed my education, had a good job and loving parents. Life seemed so predictable and comfortable a few months ago. The next most likely thing to happen in my life was a traditional Indian wedding, which did happen and changed my life completely. Shortly after being married I had to leave not only my parents, job, friends, and city but also my country.

As my husband, Prashant, works in the Livermore Labs, I had to migrate all the way from India to the San Francisco Bay Area. Thousands of thoughts crossed my mind, new place, new people, new culture and above all a new life. Everything happening was so unpredictable and novel.

After a hectic journey of almost 20 hours and a time difference of about 12 hours, I finally reached my destination, which was now going to be my new residence. Beyond all the undetermined thoughts there was a sense of excitement and joy for the new life ahead.

As I stepped out of the airport, a cool breeze crossed me, and at first sight I saw a clear lovely morning with the sun gleaming around. “Welcome to the new world”, I said to myself. The streets, the traffic and the driving style were so unlike what I saw throughout my life. The architecture of buildings and houses seemed quite exotic.

Once I reached my destination, I took a deep gasp, thinking that the struggle was now over, but I was mistaken. I silently realized that not only my relationship was new, now so was everything else that concerns my life.

Language is a structured form of human communication and an integral part of dwelling. Soon I realized that though the language spoken here is English, yet it is a lot in contrast with the form of the language I have known. The vocabulary and accent sounded peculiar to me.

I try to listen very carefully and understand what everyone says, and my effort in doing so is clearly visible to people. I avoid conversation, which is very unlike me, but I don’t want to be in an awkward situation as I don’t even know what to talk about and how to make friends. So I end up being isolated, talking to myself and writing diaries.

Fashion is one thing which most women are interested in being updated about. But there is a huge variation between the fashion sense in the east and the west. Be it clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup or hairdo, there is nothing in common. Whatever stuff I have is way too distinct from what I find pretty girls wearing here.

Since my childhood days, I have been a vegetarian by choice while being glutton at the same time. When I visited places to dine around, I had very limited options to choose from, but I am slowly getting used to it.

As I am here on a dependent visa with my husband, I cannot work despite being qualified to do so. After a lot of thinking on how to keep myself busy, my husband and I came across the conclusion that I should go to Las Positas College to study journalism and mass communication. Now I travel to college every day and find at least a few people to talk for a while.

I realized that there are different types of people no matter which country you are in. I found very welcoming and cooperative people here. The best part is I always find a sweet smile on most of the faces.

Good communication, honest efforts, patience and keeping a good heart are some of the qualities which I practice. Making long lasting relationships is always a time-consuming process, and I am sure I will get to meet the best people here.

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