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William Tanner

Staff Writer

It’s Jannett … Ms. Jackson. The Las Positas-Chabot District extended an offer of employment to chancellor candidate Jannett Jackson on May 22. In a press release from the district office,  the Board of Trustees announced their intent to finalize the contract by the June meeting.  Coming over from College of Alameda, Dr. Jackson brings 27 years of knowledge and experience to our district.

Jackson has covered a multitude of rolls within the college employment ranks, serving as a classified, faculty, academic senate president, Dean and President.

“Its nice to have quality leadership, and vast experience,“ said Dyan Miller, Dean of Physical Education, Health and Wellness. “She’s going to be able to connect with people on all different levels.”

William Eddy, Service Employees Intentional Union Vice-president, had met Dr. Jackson before at a conference where she spoke about rising through the ranks from being a classified faculty member. He was impressed by her words and hopes that she can bring her experience to fight for her employees.

“We (classified) have our negotiations coming up in 2014, and my biggest worry is how she will work with the board,” Eddy said. “Hopefully she is someone who will challenge them.”

With the Chancellor selection solidified, Miller is looking forward to getting to work with Dr. Jackson.

She said, “I’m excited. I think she’s good for the district.”


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    Posted August 20, 2013 12:35 AM 0Likes

    I would like for once to have this confusion clear up for student who are register at Las Positas and issue with the Financial Aid Department. We as student understand it is hard to get class at Las Positas, so we seek other class at Chabot College to complete our General Education, Transfer course and degree programs completed quickly.Both college are suppose to be link. Now if the majority of class is not at Las Positas, but at Chabot College. Then you are at risk of having all your enrollment and Financial Aid transfer to Chabot College. Las Positas Financial Aid department has less employee to handle the load of student request of financial aid and get the job done perfectly. Chabot College on the other hand has a very large staff to complete their work and is quite slow with their processing and with delays of 2 to 3weeks with financial aid disbursement after school starts,but have a large student body to process their FINANCIAL AID processing. To me this is wrong on so many levels, Las Positas Financial Aid says many student come to there because the Financial aid processing is quickly, that maybe somewhat true, but most of transfer because Las Positas is excellent with getting student enrolled and is not so congested with delays. Chabot College and Las Positas present many frustration issues for student with delays of transfer paperwork that is not done and each department arguing over the student file transfer. My daughter had all her paperwork completed at Las Positas for Financial Aid Departmenr in MAY 2013 and was taking summer class at Las Positas and a register student, because for the fall 2013 the majority of her class is at Chabot College all her enrollment and Financial Aid was switched. Now she is in limbo because she has to wait 2 to 3 week for Financial Aid to be process because of her file flagged for her high school diploma was not done. She received her high school diploma in 2011 and back out of taking class in 2010 and enrolling. Chabot had her Financial Aid file since May or early June and she should have been process to make the first disbursement. My daughter is very responsible and but is upset with this issue. Yes, I contact higher up administration, but this issue is still going on. So perhap you can do,and article or ask how many student this has happen to. This happen to me also. We both live in Stockton and take class at Las Positas and Chabot College because the community system is far better than Delta college. Contact me by email or jlbeckwith with zonemail part of address. My daughter want to drop her class, this II donot want her to because made a decision to take care of me with Cancer and miss graduation in 2008,. She we to Adult school in 2009 and made up her credit at Castro Valley and graduate 2011 with her high school diploma not GED. Now she is trying to finish with a transfer to a UNIVERSITY FOR ACCOUNTING MAjor. SHE had made the DEAN list and always in good academic standing. Maintaining a GPA of 3.78 or 3.58. Less clear this issue up, so we know if both colleges are one in the same or not. Perhap the new President of Las Positas and Chabot College President can clear this up. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR READING THIS AND IF NOT THAT IMPORTANT FOR INVESTIGATION OR NEWS ARTICLE. I will keep press on still I get this solve, student should not have to go through this.

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