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Shelby Escott

After just over six years working behind the scenes, Janice Noble is ready to retire from Las Positas College.

The current Vice President of Academic Services looks forward to Sept. 12, her last day on the job. But she will not forget the time spent working for the furtherance of education.

There are many things from Las Positas that Noble will miss, the most prominent being her part in the educational system. Her passion for the school and the students was evident when she said, “What we do here is so important to so many lives, and I think that being a part of that is what I’m going to miss.”

Looking back at her time working at the college, Noble listed some of the highlights from her experience at Las Positas. From the LPC Olympics to singing with the Rawk Hawks, Noble has a lot of memories to take away.

Noble’s favorite moment from working at the college was the three-time honor of certifying the degrees for students at commencement, as well as naming the valedictorian.

“I think that is my favorite and will last forever with me,” Noble said.

Noble had many thanks to give to a kind and supportive staff, saying that is what made her time enjoyable.

To the students, the Vice President of Academic Services had this advice to give.

“I wish I could say something profound,” Noble said, “but I think the most important thing is learning to be a lifelong learner, and I hope the students would gain that understanding.”

Upon retirement, the self-proclaimed life- long learner plans to move to Tahoe, a place she has been wanting to spend more time in to get healthy and enjoy her new found freedom. She is looking forward to the new things that come with that.

Back at Las Positas, the new Interim Vice President of Academic Services, Renee Kilmer, will replace Noble. Kilmer is a retired Vice President of Academic Services from Cabrio College.

Noble’s last thoughts for Las Positas before stepping down were those of gratitude and appreciation.

“It’s been an amazing ride, an amazing experience.”

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