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Hunter Melone


Is “It” Good?

With great characters and phenomenal story presentation, “It” easily takes the position as the best horror film to come out in 2017 so far.

Based on Stephen King’s novel “It” and its television adaptation, director Andy Muschietti delivers a fresh take on the classic horror story. “It” follows a diverse group of young teens as they uncover the disturbing truth about the cause of the missing child epidemic that has been occurring in their home town. After discovering a child eating monster that appears to be in the form of a clown named Pennywise is responsible, all hell breaks loose as the group have to come face to face with fear and individual personal struggles.

Everything about “It” is a near perfect film except for the occasional tasteless violence and terrible CGI. The Characters are memorable and distinct from each other while being relatable and having clear and understandable motives.

All of the film’s acting is well done which is impressive due to the main cast of the film being children. Bill Skarsgȧrd plays Pennywise and his performance steals the spotlight. Skarsgȧrd brings Pennywise the dancing clown to life, making the character terrifying and almost seem real.

“It’s” sound design is excellent, the film uses well designed music to both build tension and intensity. The audio queueing is intellegently used to scare the audience after buidling tension. This makes none of the film’s jump scares feel cheap or forced.

The film also touches up on controversial subjects that occur in the real world such as child and sexual abuse. A lot of emphasis is put on these subjects to a degree in which the film makes them even scarier than the clown running around and eating kids. These real world issues make the film feel relevant and more engaging to a modern audience.

“It” succesfully uses multpile themes in its presentation and story. There is much more to “It” than just being an average horror film. The film tackles themes of dealing with expectation, loss, abuse and coming of age.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive aspects of “It”, the film does have its flaws. Some of the violence in particular scenes feel over the top and unnecessary, and due to the film’s relatively small budget, the CGI looks really out of place and humorously ruins the tone of the scenes that it’s used in.

“It” is one of the most terrifying and overall fun horror films to come out in recent memory. The film is extremely well done in almost every aspect, earning a 9/10 rating.

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