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Tristan Pico
Photo Editor

After 15 performances at six Tri-Valley elementary schools as well as the Main Stage Theater on campus, Theater 5 students wrapped their production of “Invisible Treasure” this week.

The play is a magical tale of two fairies that literally stumble over an invisible box and their journey to get to the treasure inside.

The interactive tale, filled with a colorful cast, challenges the fairies to confront their fears of the hobgoblins, reconsider their beliefs, and discover the true meaning of “treasure”.

It was written “as my own project,” speech and theater faculty member Janet Brehe Johnson said. “I was pleased to direct it as the play for the Children’s Theater class,” Brehe Johnson said.

After solving three riddles to find the hobgoblins, using chil-dren’s magic of to make the box visible, and teamwork to finally open the box, the fairies discover a poem inside that reads:

‘Not gold or pearls or jewels can be

The best treasure on land and sea.

Look to your heart, and it will show

The treasure starts with those you know.’

“I chose the word, ‘starts’ instead of a word like ‘lies’ because I believe,” Brehe Johnson said, “we can affect positively even more people than those who are close to us.”

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