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Sometimes I wonder if I’ve slipped into a parallel dimension.

In this world, a buffoon can be taken seriously and become the leading political candidate despite being a documented liar and leading multiple businesses into bankruptcy, whose ludicrous ideas (such as killing the families of terrorist, which is a war crime) can be considered a campaign platform.

Somehow, here, a family with questionable morals cannot only have a successful television show, but become multimillionaires based on a sex tape and leverage themselves into a household word.

In this bizarre land, a drug-addicted radio talk-show host cannot only influence politics, but can legitimize hate mongering. Where the definition of news is nor what’s important; it’s what can score the greatest number of hits and what’s “trending” defines what we should know.

Here, the description of music has shifted from musicianship, where people play their own instruments to factory-produced faux stars of dubious talent. Prepackaged and promoted by one of the largest companies in the world.

In this parallel dimension, the banking industry can deliberately break its own system without fear of serious reprisals or prosecution. Where the idea of a social safety net can become repugnant to the same people who believe in an itinerant preacher who told them to love one another.

In this world, one country spends more on its military than the next ten combined, but still be criticized by leading candidates for not spending enough.

I wonder how I can get home to my world, where sanity rules. I wonder if my smartphone will work there?

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