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Christopher Hartwell


Regardless of how any of us may feel about our current commander-in-chief, there are several important facts that must be weighed. First of all, we are a land of laws– a land, which according to our system, means Donald J. Trump is the rightfully elected leader of our country. Nobody can ever say that he wasn’t voted for, because he was.

Did most of the country vote for his opponent? Yes. Is this a sign that the system is broken? Maybe. Should we think about seceding from the union in order to form a more perfect collective? Maybe, but probably not. There are less drastic alternatives, and one of them is impeachment.

Although it may be legally easier for the cabinet and congress to come together and invoke the 25th amendment, which would be officially stating that Trump is not capable of performing the duties of president, there is virtually no chance congress would allow it.

So, what does need to happen to remove our president who is becoming less and less stable by the day? Well, there are a few things that would need to occur, and some of them are already happening.

As of October 30, two people are facing jail time as a result of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and there is likely to be more. If the saying, “history tends to repeat itself” proves anything, then it’s probably a good idea to see how similar this round of special prosecutors and investigation is to how things played out for former president, Richard Nixon. When Nixon faced impeachment, it also started with people working for him being arrested.

Like our current president, he also pleaded his innocence until he was finally found to be lying. There are plenty of similarities to be seen between the two men, though perhaps not regarding intelligence. There are also many parallels which can be drawn from this situation and former president Bill Clinton. Guilt, lies, accusations, hiding, and finally, conviction.

Perhaps, though, president Trump is actually innocent. Perhaps we will have to wait until 2020 to choose a different leader. If that becomes the reality we must face, then the action we must take becomes clear: reach out to your neighbors, friends and family. Become a community in solidarity for truth, justice, and the American way. Stop letting politicians dictate your future and instead create a roar of hope and change– a roar that they cannot ignore, no matter what lobbyers may do to drown you out. Call your representative daily. Protest. Form unions. Should the law turn on you and the people you love, then join together to peacefully disobey that law.

So if you want a better tomorrow, then make that tomorrow you want. Don’t give up, and never despair­– we are far more powerful together than the entire three branches of government combined. We will succeed. We will, because we must.

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