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Brandon Clutter
Web Editor

It’s Saturday night, and everyone’s out having fun and doing endless amounts of fun things. Some are at the bars, some are at the movies, others out with their families. And then there’s the other people just sitting at home playing video games, chilling at home, screwing around on Facebook, complaining they have nothing to do, and nobody to hang out with,  while others lay in bed doing nothing. This could have been prevented if people took the time to be social and try and make new friends while at school.

There are an endless number of ways to make friends, and are all good for the variety of people at school. There are many things to do at a school, and it could seem like there are endless things to do. The campus has different clubs that meet each day of the week, there are sports teams for girls and guys, and plenty of places to go and just talk to someone and introduce yourself.

All that can be done to be social and make new friends is to simply stop being shy, and go and talk to your class and schoolmates. This can be the start of making new friends, not being that kid who goes to class and then just shut themselves away at home, while complaining that they don’t have friends, are only on Facebook, and have nothing to do on their weekends. These people can also enjoy a vast amount of clubs, all for interests for everyone, and people that are just like you. They don’t have to go to their classes, be there, and then leave for their commutes home. They can quit their complaining and have some fun in their lives for once.

Las Positas sophomore Heather Dean comes only from Livermore, not a commute at all, but still doesn’t know many people here.

Dean said “I just talk to the people that sit around me in class, go and say hi to them all, make sure we all get to know each other through the class.”

An easy and efficient way to meet people, this is the way to meet people, the added effect of hanging out and talking outside of class would make a much better result. Freshman Vik Pal is here only two days a week, comes from Tracy, and is here only for class and studying.

“I come here to class, and then study after in the library, unless I have work,” Pal said, “and I really don’t have to try and make friends, I just have people who come to me and want to be friends.”

Students at Las Positas come from cities everywhere, like Tracy, Pleasanton, Dublin, and San Ramon. They all commute to take their classes here, and many don’t try to make new friends. They may believe that it’s harder than they realize, but it simply can come down to just talking to the people around you in your classes, join a club that’s interesting, and even just talking to someone in the cafeteria.

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