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By Elisa Villanueva  @bbelisacats

As a college student balancing school and work is hard enough. Trying to set aside time to find a new fling can be a struggle when so much is on your plate.

Apps like Tinder make it easier for people to interact with a love interest since it’s mobile and you can message them at any time. Sometimes however, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Las Positas male students shared their insight on what it’s like finding love online.

“I’ve been on it for a while, probably three years on and off. And I’ve had plenty of bad experiences,” Joseph, 22 said about his time on Tinder.

“The thing that happens all the time with me is that it shows how superficial people are.”

“(For example), I’m not tall and on multiple occasions I’ve told a girl my height and then will literally get unmatched. It happens all the time.”

“There’s too many fake profiles for one,” Kenny, 23, said regarding Tinder. “I’ve been on and off for about a year or so, and there isn’t too much success on my end.”

When sharing a date experience Kenny said “We met up for some food and drinks, spent a couple of hours out. And then after a couple of attempts to make contact, but no response.”

“Some (meet-ups) were one time but most of the time once I’ve met them I usually hang out with them more,” Joseph said about meeting up through Tinder.

“I’m open to anything. If something comes from it, awesome. If hooking up comes from it I’m okay with that as well.”

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