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Las Positas’s History Club has returned after a 3-year hiatus. The History Club was created by Kimberly Baker, the club’s founder and president from 2017-2020. Since then, the club has taken a fall after the pandemic in 2020 when the club’s size dropped in members. 

Professor John Rosen mentioned the club during a lecture, sparking the interest of Josef Rager. Josef Rager is in his first semester at Las Positas College and is eager to start his journey. Rager became the club’s president, working with Rosen in the fight to revive the club. Today, the History Club has 18 members and welcomes new members.

The club’s favorite activity to take part in is show and tell. The members bring items of significance to family history or any interesting artifacts they want to share. The History Club plans on attending future field trips to local historic sites in hopes of learning and teaching exciting facts. Rager playing a significant role in leadership is also why Rosen allows the club to be student-run. 

Josef seems pretty energetic and dedicated, so I think the club will be able to sustain itself this time around, ” says Rosen.  Rager gets support from Inter-Club Council representative Alliah Balthazar. Balthazar’s focus is supporting Rosen and the club, as well as communication with the ICC. Rager says that he plans on being present in the LPC club for the rest of his time at LPC. The History Club is welcome for all students with any major. 

“It has never been all history majors, in fact I feel like now it’s an even wider breadth of students with more energy, ” Rosen said.  “You can be working toward any major in this club, diversity is celebrated.”

History Club meets in Room 2450, on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, from 3:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. 

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