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Hunter Melone


Despite having strong performances and a unique sense of tone, “Logan Lucky” fails at being memorable due to its weak plot and forgettable characters.

Famous for directing “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Ocean’s Thirteen,” Steven Soderbergh takes a shot at directing a heist film that differs from his prior work.

This time around, Sodernergh delivers a more character driven narative, instead of focusing on the planning and execution of the heist much like the “Ocean’s” trilogy. “Logan Lucky” concentrates on the chemistry between it’s main characters and how the story of the film evolves around their relationships.

“Logan Lucky” follows the story of brothers Jimmy (Channing Tatum) and Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) as they plan to execute a complex robbery during one of the country’s biggest NASCAR events.

Tatum and Driver both provide exceptional performances, but they are quickly overshadowed by Daniel Craig, who plays Joe Bang, a goofy explosives’ expert serving time in prison for blowing up bank vaults.

All three of these characters have interesting back stories and quirky characteristics: Adam Driver’s character Clyde is a one-armed bartender with crime filled past, Channing Tatum’s character Jimmy is a failed ex college football player who feels responsible for both his and his brother’s misfortune.

Although the backstories of these characters seem like they would make them memorable, the film’s dialogue is so unengaging and boring that it causes nearly every character to lack depth and they quickly become forgettable.

Rebecca Blunt (the films writer) fails at engaging the audience with dialogue, which is boring and one-dimensional. Instead of developing characters, the dialogue in “Logan Lucky” is used to transition plot elements and continue the pacing of the story.

The other major problem with “Logan Lucky” is the generic and simple plot that is easily predictable because it’s strucured like every othe heist film imaginable.

This unevitably leads to the film being extremely generic and forgettable.

The performances alone make the film entertaining. The characters are enjoyable to watch, even if they’re all poorly developed.

“Logan Lucky” has a lot of charm and is overall an entertaining experience. The poorly written script is the only thing keeping it from being a good movie and reaching its full potential.

Because of this, “Logan Lucky” earns a solid six out of ten rating.

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