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Julia Coty


Appreciating and recognizing veterans and service members who attend LPC, “Heroes Around Us” will present their accomplishments and student life.

 Name- Andrell Garcia

Branch-National Guard Army

Years served- 2012 to present
Hometown- North Hollywood, L.A (Valley Village)
Major- Engineering Technology

 Propelling from a Blackhawk, equipped with gear, ready to rappel down to save wounded soldiers and civilians, National Guardsman specialist, Andrell Garcia spent 14 days at Fort Bliss Air Assault School in El Paso, Texas in preparation for helicopter missions such as this.

In 2015, Garcia was trained to move in a fast paced environment dressed in heavy gear for different missions such as combat, cargo loading or rescuing people to safety or medical attention. After enduring the intense mental and physical stress that comes with such preparation, Garcia can now be called to work in these missions when needed.

Aside from this great accomplishment, Garcia also stands out with three wins in the Best Warrior Competition. The Best Warrior Competition is a week long competition full of challenges that tests a soldier’s knowledge in areas such as physical fitness, land navigation, simulations, written tests and more. Garcia has competed in this competition three times and each time he earned a placing. He has earned second place twice and his third attempt he earned first place for his HHC-579th Brigade Engineer Battalion.

When he’s not working with his company, Garcia attends LPC and works at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. Garcia started as an intern in 2015 and later got hired as a student employee. Garcia enjoys doing design work as an Engineering Design Technician which entails creating layouts or sketches for solutions or projects.

One of Garcia’s many aspirations is to combine his work at the laboratory with his military knowledge in hopes of creating better equipment for the military such as biotechnology and defense mechanisms. He also hopes to one day combine efforts from both the Department of Defense and Department of Energy to develop great ideas and tools.

At LPC, Garcia is a part of the Hispanic Serving Institute and Math Club. Garcia will soon be graduating LPC with his Associate in Arts in Engineering Technology. He plans on continuing working for the laboratory and contributing more to his company.

When asking what his future goal is he replied without hesitation, “To make the world better.”

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