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Martin Gallegos

Staff Writer

The No. 12 ranked LPC men’s soccer team was able to accomplish what few expected, they invaded the home field of No. 5 ranked Taft College and came away with a victory in penalties.

It took more than the scheduled 90 minutes to get it done. Overtime wasn’t even enough time to settle it. The Hawks were locked in a 1-1 tie with Taft after the overtime period which forced the teams to go to penalty kicks to decide a winner. When the dust settled, LPC celebrated as they emerged victorious from the match.

Up next for the Hawks will be a showdown with No. 4 ranked Hartnell who dominated their first round playoff game, a 5-1 victory over Cabrillo College. The Hawks will once again have to travel as underdogs, only this time the trek will be a little bit shorter as they head to Hartnell’s home field in Salinas. They may be heading to enemy territory, but their first round victory on the road is sure to give the Hawks a bit more swagger as they advance to the next round of the playoffs.

LPC vs Hartnell is scheduled for Tuesday, November 26.

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