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By Justine Chavez


6’10, 220 pounds and ready to attack at any second. Anand Hundal is a power forward that leads the LPC men’s basketball team in rebounding, but he also leads the state in blocks. From last season to this season he has progressed not only on the court but in the locker room as well.

“This season he’s been asked to step into a bigger role and he’s executed it well. His conditioning greatly improved and his body is a lot stronger which is allowing him to stay in the game a lot longer and make those key stops that we need defensively.” Said men’s coach James Giacomazzi.

Hundal has switched his focus from just playing basketball to getting his body in top shape and focusing more on his diet. He’s more conscious of what he consumes and his activity levels. That change has dramatically improved his performance.

“It’s a lifestyle for me now. Always on my mind how to keep my body feeling good.” Said Hundal.

Not only eating right, but also a more cardio based workout is what Hundal’s been focused on. Whether it be running a little harder at practice or staying late after practice to get some extra training in, Hundal is more focused than ever and ready to keep improving his game.

“Not being in the best shape has really held me back. So since last summer it’s been my main priority to get in better shape.” Said Hundal

His conditioning improvements have allowed him to stay in the game longer and help capitalize on his opponent’s errors to try and put some points on the board defensively.

According to coach Giacomazzi, Hundal leads by example. He is always one of the first ones at practice, maintains his grades and also stays around after to get in a few extra shots.

“He’s a great teammate. I really enjoy him on and off the court. He is always focused and ready to go.  We play hard when we scrimmage and he’s definitely taught me some great things offensively. “ Said teammate Peter Hewitt.

Since this season started, Hundal has averaged a double-double in every game.




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