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Both the men and women’s soccer teams remain undefeated after their fifth games of the season on Tuesday Oct. 17. For the men’s soccer, their away game ended without any goals being made by either team. This resulted in the game being tied with a final score of 0-0 at Hartnell College. Meanwhile, the women’s soccer team dominated their opponents while at San Francisco, ending with a final score of 4-0.

The women’s water polo team saw an impressive victory over San Francisco on Oct. 18, with an extraordinary set of goals. By the end of the game, the final score stood at 28-12, a 16 point lead over their opponent in this game, the fourth in the season, not including the cancelled game against Santa Rosa.

The men’s soccer team will next face off against Foothill and the women’s soccer team will face West Valley, both on Oct. 24

Women’s water polo will face foothill against Foothill, and Men’s water polo will face Tour de Cuesta, both on Oct. 25.

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