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Jason Leskiw,Managing Editor

There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with tears in his eyes and a gun in his hand.Oikos University and Sandy Hook Elementary were reminders of that, and debates over gun-control ensued everywhere, definitely on Facebook.

What every one of these people forget is that the issue doesn’t have the first thing to do with guns.  It has to do with society.  It’s an issue of the post-crack era, where more money was funneled into policing that both education and mental health services combined.  It’s an issue that has to do with low wages and an increasingly rampant feeling of despair.

It has nothing to do with guns.

Since the era of crack-cocaine, American lawmakers have been put under an insurmountable amount of pressure to solve serious problems very quickly.  It’s become a continuous theme but the only solution to the issues of violence in the world’s most powerful nation is one that will take time and a number of the country’s most methodical minds to figure out, and banning firearms should be no part of it.

The criminal mind can rationalize any act of violence.

Even the most legally sensible American’s would probably also find a way to protect their families from danger, no matter the cost.
It’s in our DNA as humans.

Regarding the many maniacal mass-shootings of the past year, I would feel safer not having many restrictions on myself, but even for lunatics that commit such heinous acts of violence.  And yes, this is the part where I expect the reader to wonder if I myself, am a crazy, but let me explain.

It comes down to the vast amounts of information available online and the fact that if guns were not available to these crazies, then they would then resort to building bombs.

There could be bombs in apartment buildings and condominiums, residential neighborhoods, and the possibility of doing even further damage without leaving the forensic trace that an active shooter would.  That’s what really scares me.

Funding education and psychiatric care is the only obvious answer, and in the meantime could also lower our national debt in the long-term.

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