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Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XV” was announced in May of 2006 as “Versus XIII.”

It has been 10 years since this game was announced; I was 11 years old.
It is now fall 2016 and this game  has yet to  be released. My problem with this isn’t the fact that it has been delayed it’s the development cycle of this game and how there is no way that it’ll live up to the 10 years of hype behind it.

In the spring of this year Square Enix wasted money and other resources on an entire event just to announce the release date of Final Fantasy.
The initial announced release date was for Sept. 30 but was recently delayed until the end of November.

Normally delays like this wouldn’t bother me, but since they were so confident in the first date and how we’ve been waiting for 10 years, it doesn’t make any sense.
With this 10 year wait on the game, if it is anything short of excellent it will be a major disappointment.

Final Fantasy is the most well known JRPG series in video game history and has been disappointing for the last six years since the release of XIII.
If this game is a letdown in any way, Square may lose tons of long standing fans.

Square says that if the game was going to come out on Sept. 30, there would have to be a big day one patch, and it doesn’t want to alienate fans that don’t have online systems.

This feels like a major cop out because in this generation almost everyone has their consoles connected to the internet. Also, a day one patch is much better than having to wait two extra months while still having to download a slightly smaller patch.

Square isn’t treating the development of this game very well and seems to be alienating some fans but hopefully I’m proven wrong and the game lives up.

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