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Taylor Lobb


If one day the earth disintigrates and polar bears are never again to be seen, it will be our fault due to global warming as predicted by scientific experts in this field. But these aren’t the average thoughts of citizens living under a leader who believes it is a myth.

These are of the most drastic in potential outcomes of global warming, which is the gradual increase in Earth’s overall temperature due to what is known as the “greenhouse effect,” according to Amanda Macmillan of the Natural Resources Defense Council in her 2016 article “Global Warming 101.”

While the emissions produced by such effect are that of a natural process, it is said by the NRDC that the production of electricity via burning of fossil fuels is the “largest source of heat trapping pollution.”

Those who aim to omit the issue altogether often exclude this fact as a reason why the Union of Concerned scientists say we have seen the “most observed increase in global temperature” ( since the beginning of the 20th century. So, what can explain the fastest increase in global temperatures recorded history? You and I.

The truth is, according to NRDC, the rising temperatures of Earth are responsible for the longer and hotter heat waves, frequent droughts and lastly, more powerful tropical storms such as hurricanes. Due to this increase in temperature, the air’s ability to retain water vapor has increased. Thus helping surge hurricanes, resulting in the longest and most powerful hurricanes ever recorded.

Our president, a man who has the advantage of reviewing any and all statistics, denies the existence of this change in Earth’s atmosphere. Donald J Trump takes pride in spewing his opinion as matter of factual research, via his twitter page, a total of 115 times. This person, protector of our land, has convinced many that this catastrophe is a hoax meant to deplete federal funding.

At this point, it does not matter where you stand politically. It is undeniable that these extreme conditions are prevalent and only becoming worse.

The issue is not whether global warming exists, because it has been scientifically proven. However, the source of the deterioration is no longer up for debate- the only question now is whether we take the heat of criticism for our dangerous actions or face it as it cooks our planet. Your choice.

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