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Shayla Gasca


Brian O’Connor’s left hand is on the steering wheel while his right hand is on the gearshift. His eyes are focused straight head when he starts the car and races a few feet up to his son’s daycare center.

“Furious 7,” written by Chris Morgan and directed by James Wan, is the seventh installment to “The Fast and The Furious” franchise. The new film is about the character Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family who are endangered of being killed by assassinator Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) for revenge of Dom putting his brother into a coma. With the help of Dom’s brother-in-law Brian (Paul Walker) they make plans to defeat Shaw at his own game.

The “Fast and Furious” series has been an all time audience favorite. With so many sequels and movie plots, the series has never failed to disappoint their fans. And “Furious 7” is no exception.

The seventh sequel is a continuation of the plot from “Fast and Furious 6,” making the two films seem like two parts to a long movie.

However, “Furious 7” has a predictable plot, at least for most part of the movie. The beginning, middle and end are similar to its predecessors – just with a different storyline. If moviegoers have seen the previous films then they will be able to predict the basic structure of the movie.

The realism portrayed from all of the actors gave the movie a more real life experience, almost as if a hidden camera was filming it and the actors were unaware that they were being filmed. When they cried, the actors’ expressions felt like the tears came from their hearts.

_1423249794Being part of the series for 14 years gave the actors time to adapt to their roles. For instance, in the earlier films, Brian’s personality seemed unfit for the character. He appeared too shy and serious. But now Walker adjusted the way Brian’s personality should really be – confident and caring with a bit of sass.

Because of the death of Paul Walker, some of his scenes needed to be played by his brother, Cody, in order to complete the film. While the filmmakers did what they could, the effect of having Cody as a stand-in was not executed well. For example, the way the camera kept trying to block the character’s face, so no one could tell it was Cody was a little obvious.

The film had many scenes of action and fighting, but the effects for the gunshot scenes were not so great. The gun would be facing straight ahead while the target would be running to the side, and the bullets would be flying left and right.

In some scenes the audience could tell that the background was shot in a green screen. For example, from the inside of the car, the scenes outside looked fake.

Besides the bad effects and attempt to make the gun shot scenes look realistic, the movie answered questions and put all the puzzle pieces together from previous movies. Apart from all the action and killing, the characters all have one thing they live for – love and family. A feeling all audiences can relate to, no matter how bad the effects.


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