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Will Tanner
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ever since the Fresh and Natural came on campus, people were raving about their food. Judging by their competitive prices and the good reviews from students, the food should be good. Running through the three open daily menus here are the best selling items according to chefs for each meal and the prices to go with them.

Breakfast: Let’s start off with the Hawks Breakfast Burrito. You get your choice of sausage or bacon and hash browns or potatoes. Everything goes onto a flour tortilla and gets placed onto the grill. Get the salsa and cheese to go with it. It adds some extra flavor and doesn’t cost you any extra. After oiling up a small section of the grill they add your eggs. Watching the whole thing come together it would almost seem like a dream. The breakfast burrito is much larger than those you can get at fast food places. For just about the same price as two small overheated and dry breakfast items you can get a fresh burrito packed to the point of overflowing. Add in a canned Starbucks drink, and you are sitting at $6.45 for a good meal.

Lunch: Heading over to the international counter, the Teriyaki Chicken with chow mein is the clear favorite. Packed with perfectly cooked noodles and the added depth of flavor with the sauce makes for a perfect lunch meal. The chicken is pre-spiced and cooked before it marinates in a delicious teriyaki just waiting for you to eat. Brimming to the top of the bowl, you’ll have a hard time not being satisfied with the quality of the meal you are getting. Adding in a drink brings you to a price of $7.00. That may seem like a steep price, and it is for a bowl and a drink it certainly is. What sets it apart from other bowls though is the quality of the food you are eating.

Dinner: With the International Food bar limiting it’s choices around 4:30 pm, you have a choice of getting a premade salad or sandwich. Or you can come back over to the drill where an array of flavors is waiting to meet your taste buds. In the mid-evening, choosing a burger would be the perfect ending meal for school. Whether you choose the veggie-burger or the regular hamburger, you can’t go wrong. Each burger is topped off with a fresh cut of lettuce, tomato and onions. Now if you get a burger you have to get a side. You need to get the sweet potato fries to go with this. Perfectly cooked, these tasty treats can be dunked in catsup, and enjoyed all together for the moderately high price of $8.05. Again, with the price being high, you get what you pay for.

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