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By Mitchell Mylius


Driving into Las Positas, just off to the left is the Native Plant Trail. Across the street from the 1900 building, there is a sign directing passer-bys to the trail. It’s a short walk to the benches and leads to a beautiful view of Livermore’s hills and unfortunately an abundance of trash.


Inside the 4000 building is an atrium surrounded by glass. You can see right in, but every time LPC student Burch Lorio tries to kick it in there, he can’t. He has to ask a faculty member to unlock it. Only time will tell if this spot will remain unlocked for the rest of its existence.


It used to be a soccer field. Now filled in with yellow and brown cement, a modern medieval-style amphitheater lies just east of the 4000 Mertes Center for the Arts building. The football-field sized space spends most of its days vacant, as it gets too hot when the sun’s out. But, on an overcast day you can enjoy your lunch here with a view. And maybe imagine how Roman coliseum games would be played in 2016.


In a courtyard between the 800 and the 1100 building lays a mystic flat filled with metal sculptures by the welding lab. Beside the turtle with a barbecue for a shell, you will find a tropical oasis of plants, trees and all of the horticultural department’s ideas of great scenery. This might be the longest lasting.


A quiet place to hang out on campus is in the courtyard in the middle of the faculty offices. The greenery surrounds the tables, benches and chairs to give a shady spot to relax and get some fresh air.

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