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By Brianna Ross

On Valentine’s Day the last thing you want to do is get stuck in a Netflix and Chinese takeout rut – or worse, end up at a typical overpriced dinner.

After all, romance is nothing without a little mystery, surprise and adventure.

Even if you don’t take the Hallmark holiday too seriously, ensure your V-Day is free of clichés and not at all boring with these less common date ideas.

Take an adventurous hike

A romantic hike is a great date for anyone who’s just started dating or has been in a relationship for a while.

The Bay Area is home to many beautiful hiking trails. From moderate to challenging, most of the trails feature spectacular views and plenty of Instagram-worthy photo ops.

Not to mention, with all the rain Northern California has been getting, the trails will be filled with lush greenery and some may even showcase mini waterfalls worth swooning over.

Take the hike a step further and maybe pack a lunch and have a picnic for two during the excursion.

Enjoy the awesome views at the top of the trail and grab your sweetie for a fun adventure you’ll both enjoy.

Go on a mini road trip

Valentine’s Day or not, road trips are always fun, and they become even better when spent in the company of someone you care about.

A road trip could turn into a fun day trip to a new place for both people to experience for the first time. California is such a large state, there’s bound to be a new spot to discover.

A long car ride is a true bonding experience and the perfect place to get to know loved ones on a deeper level.

Get in the car with that special someone and hit the road for a spontaneous adventure this Valentine’s Day.

Attend a couple’s paint class

Creating a piece of art beside the person you care about is truly a unique experience for both people involved.

A couple’s paint class is a place to express creativity and spend time with a significant other in an unconventional setting.

Not everybody paints like Picasso, that’s understood, but a date at an art class can be a new experience for a couple to enjoy together. It’s a judgement free zone to let loose and have some fun while doing something that most people don’t normally partake in.

There are a plethora of paint classes around the Bay Area to check out. For those over 21 years old, some classes include a wine bar for some added fun – just be sure to sip and paint responsibly.

Give it a try, who knows, it may end up being your new favorite date night outing.

Create a scavenger hunt

For those who love puzzles and clues, a romantic treasure hunt is an amazing way to spice up a Valentine’s date.

Creating a scavenger hunt for a significant other and then watching them scramble to complete everything on the list for a prize is so entertaining – plus is a sure fire way to have a blast on a date.

What the scavenger hunt consists of is only limited by one’s imagination. From creative challenges to photo missions to romantic prizes, the possibilities are endless.

This is a date that most people haven’t experienced before and is sure to be the most unique Valentine’s Day your date has ever had.

Hit up a karaoke bar

Valentine’s Day can easily become a stressful holiday for those trying to plan the perfect day — why not lighten the mood with an exciting night out at a karaoke bar.

When it comes to karaoke, singing skills take a back seat and the emphasis is placed on having fun.

To some, the suggestion of a karaoke date is utterly terrifying. The idea of belting out a Blink-182 song to a room full of strangers makes most people cringe at the thought of such a scenario.

It’s actually a great date idea though. There are so many opportunities on this date to get to know each others musical interests while also getting to see each other cut loose and be silly.

Even if you’re not exactly gifted in the vocals department, this is more about enjoying the moment and showing a more playful side

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