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Across the nation, students who were not born in this country or a citizen evidently have it harder than all the U.S citizen born ones. Regardless of having the same goals and ambitions, those who already have it hard have to work that much harder in order to receive the education they desire. 

Las Positas College is a safe campus where every student has a chance to feel comfortable. According to the Dreamers of LPC section in the LPC website, on Dec. 5, 2017, the Chabot-LPC College District Board of Trustees approved the Las Positas College Joint Resolution which marked LPC aa a “sanctuary campus.” 

It is crazy to think that prior to the school being officially deemed “sanctuary”, this campus was not necessarily obligated to protect these students when it came to legal status matters. 

Faculty throughout the colleges believed that all students should be supported in their college careers. Since then, a number of accomplishments have been fulfilled, including creating the UndocuAlly Task Force and completing a f Dreamers website in spring 2018.

In the words of the UndocuAlly Task Force, “This task force will work across departments and with undocumented students to collectively reduce the issues undocumented students face at our college and to support these students achieve their academic goals. This task force will create clear goals to increase student support, educate the campus community, elevate best practices, and ultimately assess outcomes.”

LPC’s main focus is the success of the students, and the UndocuAlly Task Force has ensured that resources are easily accessible in and out of school.  LPC for Dreamers showcases resources that will help students  and their families, including immigration, community services and scholarships. LPC for Dreamers also provides updates for students who are DACA recipients. 

With COVID-19 interrupting the school year, the UndocuAlly Task Force created a semester-long agenda in which students can prepare for these online zoom meetings in advance since in-person gatherings was no longer an option. 

These online meetings are information sessions that inform students about deadlines for things such as DACA and financial aid for undocumented students. Great resources are also provided in two out of the six sessions. 

For the students who are interested in these information sessions, they can join the zoom call by putting the following number, 98410908536. 

Students need to be reminded that regardless of the current world situation, being there for one another is key and the program ensures methods of getting intouch with their peers and allies.

Ana Delgadillo is a staff writer for The Express. Follow her at @aaanakd.

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