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What should be changed about the LPC cafeteria?


Brittney Asterino“A lot of the food they have is greasy. I would put more effort towards the salad bar. They have a good one but make sure the food is fresh and not frozen.”





Brittney Asterino, 21, Pre-Nursing

Timothy Hayerty“I would add more features to the menu. I’m vegetarian. I feel like they could expand on it a lot more and have a type of burrito bar.”





Timothy Hagerty, 23, Zoology

Matt Duarte“I would like to see more creative options. I am a person who loves to eat and try different things when it comes to food. Lower prices on food, it feels like it’s way overpriced.”





Matt Duarte, 19, English

Tatiana Hernandez“I would make it cheaper. There’s no competition so they’re kind of allowed to price it however they want because they know students will still buy it. ”





Tatiana Hernandez, 18, Business

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