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To be a patriotic American, one must spend their tax money at home whenever possible. The taxes collected from transactions in-country are then pumped into the government, which allows both federal and state governments to spend that money on their citizenry.

To that same principle, we urge students to purchase their textbooks and spend their hard-earned money on the varied items available at the Las Positas College Bookstore.

That includes school supplies, food, refreshments and clothing.

A percentage of those funds are allocated to various campus programs — including this newspaper, Naked Magazine, Theater Arts, the Honors Transfer Program, the Talk Hawks and other programs.

All programs made possible by these funds both enrich and diversify the experiences possible for students of Las Positas College.

We understand that textbooks are often prohibitive for many students and cheaper options are sometimes necessary.

But it is important to consider the fact that money spent at the bookstore allows for an array of vital programs to exist.

So, the next time you see a play at LPC, observe artwork at an exhibit on campus or read a success story in The Express of a student who went through the Honors Transfer Program, know that money spent at the bookstore makes these things possible.

When it comes time to spend on campus, shop LPC.

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