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Fashion is a silent language which speaks about the personality of the wearer. It creates the first impression and makes a person noticeable. Each one has a different style in which they like to carry themselves and this variant style is one’s sense of fashion.

The fashion of a region or a country might depend on certain factors such as culture, tradition, climate, taste and preferences of the people, which is why fashion in the east is entirely different from the west. But presently amalgamation of fashion from east and west could be clearly seen.

Fashion is an important means of self-expression that does not need the vehicle of words. People wish to dress appropriately according to occasion. Wedding is one such occasion in which most people want to look perfect. As the bride and the groom are the stars of the occasion and carry lifelong memories of the same, they would want a flawless look.

Love has no boundaries and neither does fashion. A perfect example to support this statement is the recent Indian American wedding that stole the internet’s heart. Shannon and Seema who married this June in a breathtaking traditional Indian ceremony is an interracial lesbian couple who used the Indo-American fusion theme for their wedding.

Another beautiful instance of the amalgamation of Indian American fashion in weddings is of Sarah and Sunny. Sarah, an American and Sunny an Indian decided to have one big, beautiful day-long celebration in both American as well as in Indian style, as it was the easiest way for everyone to enjoy and appreciate both cultures.

The traditional American wedding dress for brides is a gown mostly white or light in color, which signifies the purity of soul. Beautiful ornaments, make-up and pretty hair styling add a charm.

The traditional wedding dress for Indian brides is a saree mostly red or yellow in color which is believed to be auspicious colors. The bride decorates herself from top to toe with beautiful ornaments and flowers.

As humans we all enjoy the freedom of expression. Expressing through gestures is a beautiful thing. The Indian and American amalgamation of fashion is a reference in the context. Exchange and adoption of each other’s culture in the form of fashion is widening the horizon for the people from around the globe to choose different styles, mix different traditional patterns of dressing to look fabulous.

The exchange of fashion between different cultures is diversifying the minds not only to get treasures of rich cultural heritage but also to pay homage to artistry and ideas, and acknowledge their origins.

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