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Chris Southorn

The Express is a powerful tool for spreading information to the students, faculty, support staff, and administrators of Las Positas College. Accordingly, the Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC) has come together with the Express for a monthly column that will inform our campus on how we’re working to support our students.

Christy Byrd
Director of Legislation

In remembrance of Coach Tony Costello after his recent passing due to his battle with pancreatic cancer, the ASLPC decided to write a resolution to show their support in the naming of the basketball court in his honor.  We urged the Board of Trustees to consider our request come into effect before the first Men’s Basketball season game in order to provide a ceremony before the start of the season and to honor Coach Tony Costello as a celebration of his life, his love for athletics, and his continual commitment to the students and their success.

Nico Portugal
Director of Events

The Associated Students of Las Positas College is happy to announce that the first Club Day of the year will be held on October 2 (Wednesday) from 11am – 2pm. The theme is cultural events so Club Day should be very eclectic and exciting, and the ASLPC will be providing FREE Chinese food for the event.

Cody Peterson
Finance Officer

August 23th,2013
$1,000 for petty cash
$30,000 transfered from Student Activity Fee to the Student Senate

August 30th, 2013

$500 donation to Coach Costello Scholarship

$500 donation to American Cancer Society

September 6th, 2013

$400 (up to) for Picnic Day

$600 (up to) for a monthly column in The Express.

$600 (up to) for ASLPC shirts for new Senators and officers

September 13th, 2013

$8,500 transfer from Student Senate to the ICC (Club Funds)

$1000 (up to) for Club Day (October 2nd)

$500 donation to the ASLPC Paramedic Program

Colleen Redmond
Senator of the Month

What is your major?

I am an English major. I would love to transfer to San Francisco State.

What is your dream job?

I am interested in the teaching field but I know that whatever I do I would have to do something creative since I’m a creative person.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to read, write and bike as well as dance. I think my signature move is the worm.

Why did you decide to join the Student Senate and when did you join?

To be honest it wasn’t initially my idea to join Student Government but I knew that I wanted to get more involved with school. My friend Paulina who is now ICC Chair was the one to convince me to join with her. I would never have thought that I would be involved with Student Government but I’m really glad that I did. I officially became a Senator at the end of Spring Semester of 2012.

What would you like to say to students who are thinking of joining the ASLPC?

To the students who are interested or thinking about joining ASLPC, I would say go for it! Honestly for me, it was a big jump out of my comfort zone. I think it’s good for anyone to do that because it really opens your eyes to new and different things that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. I have grown and learned a lot during my time as a Senator thus far and have met many new people and friends. I truly feel that being apart of ASLPC has really helped me love my school and know more about it.




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