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Christopher Hartwell


In the most recent Disney film, “Coco”, it was a dismay to most of the audience that there was a “Frozen” short film that although not asked for, was shoehorned into the screening before the movie would start.

It must be clearly understood, this was not something most of the audience was interested in going to the movies to see.

However, a short film by Disney has always been a welcome event with a cute story arch and usually very little dialogue.

This short, however, was not cute. It did not keep the dialogue short, nor the story arch simple.

21 minutes later, this monstrosity of an animation finally came to a close, and I was left with a single question burning in my mind— why?

Why on earth would anybody think a 21 minute long short about Norway in winter would strike the fancy of anyone at all who is going to the movies, paying money and setting aside time, to watch a story regarding Latin American heritage?

Ultimately, the answer to why it was there was crystal clear— get kids excited for the “Frozen” sequel that inevitably will result in an obnoxious (yet slightly charming) amount of incredibly catchy tunes being sung for the next decade by every toddler ever.

From a business perspective, maybe it made sense to include it. Culturally though? Not too great.

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