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Former Dance Instructor, Susan Lloyds dances in an empty Dance studio in the 4000 building.

When Susan Lloyd, a former dance instructor, left LPC for Utah, college administrators decided not to replace her immediately. As a result, there are no dance classes in fall 2020.

Chao-Hui Chow, a student at LPC, when told that there are no dance classes this semester “I am really sad about it.  If LPC still has a performance department without dance classes, this is not complete. Music, art and dance compose of the theater. Especially, LPC is putting effort in the theater department right now, Dance (movement) is a must training.”

Dean Amy Mattern said that the dance classes are taking a one semester break given the lack of an instructor coupled with the fact that dance classes are more difficult to teach online.

The break will allow the college to search for and hire a new dance instructor. Mattern said that the break is only planned for one semester as the dance program is an integral part of the newly launched Actors Conservatory at LPC this semester. Two dance classes are required to complete the Actors Conservatory program.

LPC does not offer a dance major or program, but dance is part of the Performing Art program. With the shelter in place and campus closure in the spring semester, the Dance Showcase, an annual event that allows students to display their dance and choreography skills,  was cancelled for the second year. In 2019 as the underlying dance class was cancelled due to lack of a required number of students.

Mattern expects that the dance classes will resume in spring 2021.

Alan Lewis is the photo editor of The Express. Follow him @alolewis1.

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