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William Tanner
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Put on your Warface. Crytek brings their newest graphics engine, CryEngine 3, to revamp the way you play in-browser games.  Warface is the next generation of free-to-play gaming.

Warface is set to debut later this year, and in 2014 will come to the Xbox. A hyper-realistic gameplay drives Warface to the top of the must-play game list. Unlike many war video games, the realism of the game sets the tone. Health does not regenerate. If you get knocked down you are stunned and must be helped back up. Ammo is not an easy commodity to come by and must be replenished or you cannot fire your weapons.

The gameplay is fast and frantic. Every second, you must be aware of your surroundings. Stay too long in one sector and more of the Blackwood forces (enemies) arrive to halt your progress.

Teammates will scrutinize your every move. The minor mistakes you make will be blown out of proportion. Even when they make the same mistake you do, it’s still your fault. Arguing does not solve anything, but it will lead to some interesting conversations.

It is best to stick to the class you are best at. While it is in closed beta, players are fiercely competitive and will kick you out of games if you do not do your job correctly. This could result in some missions ending quickly if players choose to not have a balanced team. Five players at a time are allowed to queue together at the moment, and together you can complete missions.

The game starts out with a tutorial mission to get used to every class and every technique you will use in the game. As a disembodied Russian voice leads you through your exercises, you start off as an infantryman. With your starting weapon load-out of an AR-15, high-powered pistol, combat knife, a solitary hand grenade and extra ammo, the infantryman is the frontline of defense and offense. As an infantryman, it is your job to push forward and keep the enemy foot soldiers cleared out.

Next up is medic training. Medics are the hardest class to play in this game. With no regenerating health except at certain checkpoints, you are the sole caretaker for the team. Given that you have a shotgun, pistol to deal damage, you are still able to fight, but the majority of the time you will spend healing your teammates.

If planting mines is more your style, the engineer is perfect for you. Another support class, the engineer sacrifices firepower for demolition and fixing armor repair. As you take damage, your armor decays quicker than health, unless you are shot in an unarmored area. Engineers, like medics, can heal, but only for the armor. They have a small repair kit they can use on every member to help reduce the damage you take. Instead of the automatic rifle, you have a sub-machine gun.

Sniper is the final class you can play. Snipers are loaded out exactly like you would expect: a scoped high-powered rifle, pistol for close combat fighting, combat knife and a grenade. Snipers are the offensive support. Staying at the back, as a sniper you are the power weapon. It is up to you to cover the frontline as they attempt to wipe out the enemy forces.

Daily missions are the quickest and best way to climb the ranks. Each mission is comprised of a first and second half. In the event that you pass phase one of the mission, there is usually a mini-boss and a second portion to go through. Harder than the first part, phase two is more objective driven and forces the team to be even more careful as supplies will be dwindling.

Making it through the daily mission grants you bonuses for having the best record in kills, accuracy and teammate revives. Through these experience points, new weapons and armor will be unlocked as well as upgrades to the gear you already have.

Leveling up isn’t the only way to get items. As a free-to-play game, there is always an in-game way to purchase upgrades. Through the shop function you can buy weapons, gear upgrades and boxes that have items for specific classes.


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