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Brandon Clutter

Staff Writer

At Las Positas College, the counseling center, in building 1600, is available to students with questions about their courses and time at LPC.

According to the LPC website, the counselors’ role is “to use an open, holistic approach to help the student have a positive and successful educational experience.”

It also states that they will help LPC students by “setting realistic educational and career goals, creating a course plan to reach your goals, developing skills to help increase academic success and resolving concerns that may interfere with college success.”

Students can make appointments to meet with the counselors, or drop in at certain times during the day for a quick meeting. The quick meeting is used for specific topics, and there are a variety of topics students can seek help for with appointments.

“I was able to go twice in the same week last year, and I had pretty basic questions,” LPC student Stephanie Jefferis said. “She was pretty straightforward with the answers, and I had a good experience.”

One of the things that students seem satisfied with is the help with making a course plan with the counselor. LPC student Heather LeCon was one of those students, and has had no complaints.

“I just made an appointment, went to my appointment and the counselor was nice,” she said. “He helped me set up a two year plan that told me what classes I would need to take to transfer to a state school.”

While there are plenty of students that get help from the counselors, some others have had trouble with them.

“I met with a counselor and she gave me the wrong class to take for my major,” LPC student Nikko Serrano said. “I ended up looking it up and met with another counselor, who said it was the wrong class.”

While there are students who don’t get the help or right advice they need, most students are content with the help they get.  They are able to make an appointment to meet at a time not too long after they make the appointment, and they get the help they need.

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