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By C.J. Peterson


For years, students across the nation have been forced to pay astronomical amounts of money for resources necessary to complete their courses. Arguably the most utilized, and expensive, resources have been those of the Microsoft Office suite.

Now students won’t have to face this problem. It is now free.

Beginning in the spring of 2015, Microsoft offers “Office 365” to any full and part-time students of Las Positas Community College.

 But it doesn’t stop there. Timothy Druley, LPC webmaster, said in an email, “Office 356 for education is not just for LPC, the program is offered to many academic institutions. Previously I worked for the CSU, all of the state colleges also take part in this program.”

The game-changing deal allows students and faculty to download and utilize the functions of Microsoft Office 365 on a maximum of five different devices, including PC’s, macs, tablets, and phones.

Microsoft now is also including one full terabyte of fully secured cloud storage.

Jeff Temple, business major at LPC, praised the program saying, “It was awesome getting this for free, otherwise it would have cost me hundreds of dollars.”

According to, one can purchase the same deal for $99.99, however it is only a one year subscription.

 Students who attend an accredited institution will be offered this promotion as long as they are enrolled, and may be required to re-verify each year.

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