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By Christopher Hartwell @Silienceseen

As the din of music and talking rises up to meet the ears of nearby students, groups portray themselves to their college community in hopes of attracting new students to their club.

The carnival-themed edition of Club Day took place this year on March 7, 2016 and had many attractions for students, including free food provided by ASLPC and various games provided by the clubs on participation.

Highlights from the day included a selection of free food and drink, a water gun game created by the engineering club and a puppy-kissing booth by the Puente Club.

Tatiana Hernandez, student government director of the event said, “I think all the students are having a lot of fun with all the free food that ASLPC is providing and they’re playing everyone’s games. It just looks like a good time.”

As a point of fact, it was estimated that over 100 students were present at the height of the event.

One of the many draws for students was the game booth made by the Engineering Club.

Yosef Mirsky, president of the Engineering Club talked about their games and said, “I thought it was amazing. We did really well. Our project went really smoothly, we worked really well as a team, and I feel really confident.”

He also said that he hopes that their hard work will pay off and hopes to win the Club Day competition. “I’m really proud of all our members for getting (our project) done, especially in the short time frame. I may be a little biased, but that’s simply my favorite thing,” said Mirsky.

For other clubs, the attraction was less in their games and more in their colorful character. Nikko Serrano, a student majoring in child development and minoring in photography really was a good representation of this, dressed as a clown wearing a polka dot tie.

When asked why he had decided to dress this way with a rainbow wig and red nose, Serrano said, “It’s fun, plus I like to see people laugh. I’m wearing a ‘free hugs’ shirt, so it’s awesome. Plus, my club just planned it.”

As the Inter Club Council chairwoman, Jasleen Gill was pleased to see that the clubs she oversees took such an active part in the event. Gill, who is running for reelection as ICC chair, said, “It went really well. I loved the carnival theme, and the clubs really had enthusiasm for all of their events in supporting it. I thought it was really cool honestly, and a lot more people knew about Club Day, so I was really excited.”

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