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By Mitchell Mylius

@Mitchell Mylius

Hundreds of kids flooded the overhang in front of the 800 building. Tables were filled with props and enthusiastic students were handing out free stuff to bystanders hoping to reel them into their group. Or their club that is.

It was Club Day on February 24. Students swarmed the quad area around the cafeteria showing off the vision of their club and trying to get students to sign up for their club.

The Marines had a chin-up bar setup challenging those who felt burly enough. The Gamer’s Lounge had Nintendo 64 consoles setup playing Mario Kart inducing laughter from the curious. The Radio Club had a DJ Jockey setup playing music, not to forget that they were handing out free condoms to support their broadcast show “The Broad Show”: a show about sex, love, relationships and more.

Club Day is an event put on by the Associated Students of LPC (ASLPC) in conjunction with the Inter-Club-Council (ICC). But, this one was different.

In the past, for students to get free food from ASLPC, they had to simply visit three clubs and get a signature from a member. This year, each club was given tickets, and when a student signed up for a club they were given a ticket. The association required three tickets for a bag of chips, croissant sandwich platter, a clementine and water.

“We did things different this semester,” said Matt Garcia, ICC Director of Events and Finance. “I think this Club Day was all about getting more students to join the clubs on campus.”

And Gamer’s Lounge did just that. Bradley Wolf is a freshman who couldn’t believe that there was an actual club on campus that revolved around playing videos games.

“I’m stoked man, I got a free Star Wars poster just for signing up for the Gamer’s Lounge,” said Wolf.

Smash club, a club revolved around playing the Nintendo Game Smash Brothers, gained 15 new club members from Club Day. However, signing up for a club is not just joining. Some clubs reporting over 50 signatures, thought it was lucky enough to get two active members from those signatures.

Radio Club member, Sean Carino, is expecting three members from their 27 sign-ups.

“The thing is sometimes our club meetings coincidentally occur during our class times,” said Carino in a text message. “So if you join the club, you’re practically in the class too.”

It is a student’s commitment to be around when the club is meeting. Some clubs do not meet at all the times that aren’t outlined on their website.


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