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By Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN

Hey, America. I know things haven’t been easy, but we always manage to make things turn out alright. Sure, there have been wars, poverty and even a few recessions, but we have never had an election like this one.

Seemingly everybody either dislikes or hates one of the major presidential candidates. But to be honest, can you blame us for being upset? Of all the people we had to choose from, couldn’t we have found someone better?

No. There is nobody more capable and qualified than our very own Hillary Rodham Clinton. I know there’s trust issues and other problems, but what if I told you that it was all so overblown it’s nearly laughable? As a law student in 1972, she went undercover to find out that Dothan school was one of many private schools that were using racial discrimination to control who they had in their institution.

She graduated from Yale Law School and instead of going to a big fancy law firm, she decided to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. Seriously, who spends that sort of time and effort at Yale, to just earn a mediocre income helping children? Hillary “Badass” Clinton, that’s who.

As if that wasn’t enough, in 1973 she went door to door to help disabled children so they could attend public school. Before her ground breaking work, children with disabilities could not attend public school, so just think about that for a second.

Done thinking about it? Good, because I’ve got a lot more to talk about. Namely, the entirety of her public service career. She used her positions and skill to reform Arkansas schools, produce the Children’s Health Insurance Program, stood up for helping first responders, extended veterans health benefits to our national guard and reserves, and that’s still just a few examples of what she did before she was Secretary of State.

As Secretary of State, she has visited 112 countries doing the normal meet and greet with politicians. Oh, and she also personally saved the lives of some activists in those countries by taking pictures with them while visiting schools, shelters, and just generally empowering women across the globe.

Who did all this? Hillary. Rodham. Clinton.

So, you may be thinking about those other “things” that she did. She used one email account instead of two, and instead of doing one thing regarding Benghazi she did something else? Are those your problems with her?

Be honest, that’s all that it is that is making you doubt the authenticity of a seriously smart woman who consistently stood up for women and children across the globe.

All that stuff is not enough to stop me from supporting her with my whole heart and soul, and you’d better believe I’m voting for her.

If you ever do as much good for the world as she has and only have enough mistakes to count on one hand (like her), if you personally have touched and saved lives across the globe like she has, and if you do even a fraction as much good for this country as she’s done, I’ll vote for you too.

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