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Rachel Hanna


Chabot-Las Positas Chancellor given vote of no confidence

Chancellor Jannett Jackson of Chabot-Las Positas Community College District is receiving a vote of “no confidence” from the Chabot Academic Senate.

Both LPC and Chabot have concerns about Jackson resulting in frustration. These concerns include lack of communication and faculty left with no response on important issues.

On Nov. 8 an Academic Senate meeting was held at LPC and two faculty members from Chabot came to LPC to discuss concerns about Jackson. In this meeting Melissa Korber, president of the LPC Academic Senate and advisor for the LPC Express, said, “Faculty was asked to provide feedback on a district plan, those involved spent hours and hours on improving plan and errors.  They sent in their draft to Jackson which was declined, and she said she was going to use her plan instead.”

Some feel this shows there is bad leadership and Jackson in fact does not care about faculty feedback even though she asked for it.

As detailed in the Chabot Resolution supporting the vote of no confidence, there is a level of distrust between Jackson, LPC and Chabot.  Allegedly, certain lines have been crossed by Jackson This has left the colleges to take matters into their own hands.  “The relationship has been strained between the District and College beyond repair. The unsupportive management style is beyond the redress of particular issues,” the resolution said.

Chabot resolution also includes information that basic college needs are not being met simply from being ignored by Jackson. Faculty is not being allowed to take part in the evaluation process of the District and there is a high level of micromanagement going on resulting in disturbance of the faculty.

The LPC Academic Senate did not act at the Nov. 8 meeting. At a later meeting on Nov. 29, the LPC Academic Senate decided on emailing Jackson with their main concerns and then invite her to the LPC campus to speak.

“I think we should invite her here. We need to think about the outcome of our actions and tread softly on this issue. Whatever we do will show if we are totally with Chabot or without them and that is important. I think discussion and compromise is important”, said Julia McGurk.

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