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Jason Leskiw
Public Relations Officer

Whether you need to dash to the store, dash to class or get the heck out of dodge, one non-profit company is bringing new modes of transportation to the Tri-Valley area.

City CarShare, a company that offers short term rental service, unveiled the Tri-Valley’s first car sharing program, “Dash,”on Wednesday afternoon. The program is currently operating out of the Hacienda business park, but is hoping to expand into the surrounding areas.

“We are working towards our goal to take 20,000 cars off Bay Area roads by 2020 while promoting and encouraging transit, carpooling and walking,” City CarShare CEO Rick Hutchinson said.

Toyota donated 30 new Scion IQ electric cars to the effort, which are best used for short-distance commuting because of their 40 mile ranges.

“Toyota is exploring new business models like the City CarShare “Dash” fleet to fit the future mobility needs of our customers,” Toyota spokesperson Craig Scott said. “The Scion IQ fleet will help us understand how electric vehicles are used in an active car sharing program and the viability of this type of program for future technologies.”

The “Dash” program is meant to reduce emissions, and the company says it has saved 487 million pounds of Co2 gasses since its advent in 2001.

During the opening ceremony, Pleasanton Mayor Jerry Thorne said that the city has built electric car charging stations in the downtown area, as well as other areas within Pleasanton.

“Pleasanton and Hacienda are extremely excited about the launch of this program, which will offer more convenience to thousands of commuters in our city each day,” Thorne said. “The opportunity for exposure to the new Scion IQ should bolster program appeal and dovetail with the city’s goals.”

The City CarShare program offers more than the Scion, and the company is planning to introduce Toyota Prii to Tri-Valley residents with more demanding commutes. The program operates by membership, monthly and yearly, and then the customer is charged by the hour. While general rates can vary, insurance, fuel, maintenance and roadside assistance are included.

The company says they have over 15,000 members and more than 43,000 people have made use of the program. There are 240 Bay Area locations and 440 fuel efficient and plug in vehicles. Around 15 locations are expected with two cars at each location when the program is fully deployed. More information can be found online at

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