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Letter to the editor-

By: Inglish Hills

Happy Black History Month, from LPC’S Black Student Union. With diversity growing at LPC, a few devoted women have decided to start a club that is dedicated to black academic achievement and cultural appreciation in the community. The BSU is a new club meeting every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month in room 1726 from 2-3:30, with meetings starting Feb. 21st, 2018. The BSU is an inclusive group that is open to all religions, cultures, and ethnicities. The BSU is a safe space where everyone is accepted and appreciated. The club is committed to serving our local community and we are starting here on the LPC campus. The BSU is a branch of the Umoja learning community here at LPC. Umoja is a statewide community of educators and learners who are committed to academic success, personal growth, and self-actualization of African-American and other minority students. The Umoja faculty including Kisha Turner, Kali Rippel and Angelo Bummer are very hands-on and support all the members of Umoja with their dedication to academic success.

If you have interest in joining the Umoja learning community contact the Umoja Co-coordinator Kimberly Burks, at  or stop by the counseling office in building 1600 and ask to speak with Kim Burks.

In 2018, the Black Student Union will be promoting positive images of African-Americans in the community. Furthermore, the BSU will be planning inclusive activities for the campus like Open-Mic night and “sistah-to-sistah”, which is a group for all women to come and discuss issues that affect females in the community and foster solutions to counteract them.

The BSU will also be hosting a “porch talk”, where members of the Las Positas Campus can come together to get real about topics ranging from politics to sports, community activism and much more. The BSU will also be hosting field trips to the local cinemas to watch the new Black Panther movie, or to the local Black College Expo to aid transfer students who want to transfer to a historically black college or university.

From the scenery to the progressing diversity, Las Positas is a beautiful campus. The Black Student Union wants to highlight every aspect that makes LPC alluring and that includes you! Stop by our booth on club day, February 14th, and tell us what makes you beautiful and what you love about LPC.  Come and join the movement and leave your legacy here at Las Positas College!

To join the Black Student Union, stop by to any of our meetings or contact the BSU president Inglish Hills, at


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