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Sanestina Hunter
Staff writer

On Monday March 10 around 3 p.m. LPC student Ahmed Naser allegedly kissed a  female student without her consent and attempted to kiss another.

According to Sean Prather, Campus Safety Supervisor, the first incident was considered misdemeanor battery. The Livermore Police department sent two police cars to campus in case the victim wanted to press charges against Naser. She chose not to.

Naser was arrested, but not for the incident involving the two women. According to Prather, the student had  a prior warrant out for his arrest.

Political science professor Paul Torres said that Naser is a student in his class.

After the alleged assault, Torres commented on Naser’s demeanor in class. “This student clearly has no filter. (He is) very intimidating to other students in my class,” Torres said.

The second female student involved in the alleged incident spoke to The Express but asked not to be identified for fear of retribution.

She said she saw a female student holding open the door to the classroom, and Naser seemed to notice the student as well.

“A beautiful girl holding open the door,” she recalled him saying. “He grabbed her by the shoulder and tried to kiss her. I think he tried to aim for her mouth, but she turned, and he kissed her on the cheek.”

When rebuked by the first female, he spotted the anonymous student and approached her.

“He was like ‘Oh you want one too?’ and he ran over to me and tried to do it to me,” she said.

She fought off his advance and turned him away. She immediately went to campus security.

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