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By Nicole Silveira 

In 1989 Robert Zemeckis released the sequel to his box office hit “Back to the Future.”

When Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and “Doc” Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd) stepped out of the Delorean they found themselves cast into a world of technological advancement the likes of which, were never possible at the time.

That world was the year 2015.

Now, in 2015, fans that grew up watching the movie find themselves, in college, and enjoying some of those very same inventions.

The movie portrayed the use of flat screen televisions and video chatting. Chances are, you have a flat screen television at home, or at least have seen them at Best Buy. Every time you FaceTime or Skype your best friend, something that we use almost every day, you are utilizing one of the inventions shown in the movie. The Google glass might not be as accessible to us as the smart glasses were shown in the movie, but they do exist.

Possibly, the most surprising invention from the movie that we actually have today is the hoverboard. Although the current hoverboard only gains about an inch lift off the ground and cannot be operated on surfaces that are metallic, we still have it.

There are a few differences between the inventions shown in the movie and what we have today, it’s impressive that a production from 1988, was able to predict something we now have in 2015.

What could be more mind-boggling is this: is the modern tech based on what we saw in the movie?




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