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Bekka Wiedenmeyer
News Editor

The Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC) officers weigh in on the future of ASLPC and the LPC community.

“I was actually really excited when—I was running unopposed, so it wasn’t like I was worried about competition and all these things. The current ICC Nico, he’s amazing and I’m going to be learning from him so I’m probably going to lead the same way as him. The only difference is that I’ll be doing different activities, maybe getting students to want to come to the actual meetings more. Maybe have some breakfast hour, something small that I can do to show my gratitude for the students for coming and representing their club. Probably put another activity in or have another club day. I’m still deciding, still kind of thinking of different ideas I can put together and how I can make it possibly different. I always like changing things up and seeing what else I can add to it. I go in with a really positive attitude, and I’m kind of excited to see how it’s going to be like to be in charge or hold a head position.” – ICC Chair Paulina Reynoso

“Currently, I would like to refrain from making promises that I might not be able to keep. So all I would like to say is that I will continue doing what I have been doing up until now. I would like to slowly but surely grow into the position that I have been elected to. I hope that I can meet the students’ expectations once I start working as the Director of Communications next year. As I progress throughout the year as Director of Communications, hopefully I will find things that I may put my time and effort into finally making a difference.” – Director of Communications Kevin Lopez

“My main goal for this upcoming year is to help senators and members of the student senate further develop their leadership skills to better serve the student body.  I will also work hard to make sure our website,, is up and running by the time the school year starts so that students can be more aware of what’s going on on campus and find out about all of the opportunities that are provided to them.” – Vice President Ignacio Coratina Petrasic

“It was humbling to be chosen to serve our college as next year’s ASLPC President. One of my primary goals is to reach out to our fellow students to learn how we can best benefit our peers. I’d also like to focus on leadership opportunities for our senators to really bring out their potential. I truly feel that we have an amazing team for next year and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.” – Christopher Southorn

“I’ve been going to the Trustee meetings for the last year as president. You don’t really have much of a voice as student president. You pretty much just sit there and observe. You give a really short report, but that’s pretty much it. Whereas trustee actually sits with the Board and they have the power to pull items. As student trustee, I have that power. For an example, when I was sitting on the Board just as observation for president, I sat through a meeting where they were discussing raising the international student fee. It took the Chabot trustee asking the Board to pull it for her to make a comment on it. There still wasn’t that much discussion, and I want to be more of a driving force of deliberation on things. I’m not going to deliberate everything, obviously, but if it affects the student, then I want to be there and pull it and kind of deliberate on why things are going certain ways, and I really want to use that voice and my knowledge of being president. I’ve been around for two years and I’ve heard so many different things from so many different people. It’s definitely a good place for me to move on before I leave here…it would be there where I have the utmost ability to say and try and change things.” – Student Trustee Cherry Bogue

“As Director of Legislation-Elect, I would like to thank the student body for choosing me to represent them on a local, statewide and national level.  A few of my colleagues and myself are currently working alongside assemblyman Jeff Gorell to pass a piece of legislation called AB67 through the California State Senate.  If passed, it will aid students in preparing for their costs when entering a four-year institution by keeping tuition stagnant from the 2012-2013 fiscal year through the 2018-2019 fiscal year and hold those behind Prop 30 accountable to funding higher education.  In addition, I am also working on a proposal for a Study Abroad Program to be added to the list of opportunities provided to the students of Las Positas College to give them the most well-rounded community college experience.  I look forward to other opportunities that will be presented over the course of the next school year that will provide me a way to represent and advocate on the students’ behalf.  I strongly encourage any student with questions or concerns to contact me through our student government office, as my mission is to serve you and help you flourish here at Las Positas in order to propel you into the future and dreams you desire.” – Director of Legislation-Elect Christy Byrd


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