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Bekka Wiedenmeyer


The Associated Students of Las Positas College let go long-time participant and Interim Director of Events Nico Portugal at their meeting on Friday, March 7.

According to ASLPC President Christopher Southorn, Portugal had turned in a letter of resig- nation to remove himself from the role of Interim Director of Events, and then attempted to retract it.

“During a closed-session meet- ing with all Executive Officers (including Mr. Portugal) and the Faculty Adviser, it was agreed

that the President retained the authority to make an executive

decision in this circumstance,” Southorn said in an email to The Express.

As no one had run for the elected position during the spring 2014 elections, Southorn himself appointed Portugal to the posi- tion.

“If it’s an appointed position, then it’s the president’s obligation to accept the resignation or not,” Director of Student Life Cynthia Ross said.

In the case of Portugal, Southorn claims that there is not an accepted procedure for letters of resignation, but that it was decided that he has the power to accept or reject Portugal’s resig- nation and subsequent retraction.

“There is not currently a for- malized procedure for submit-

ting, receiving, or retracting let- ters of resignation,” Southorn said.

In the end, Southorn made the executive decision to accept the resignation and remove Portugal from the position of Interim Director of Events. He is no lon- ger associated with the Student Senate.

In a brief email to The Express, Portugal denied the nature of the letter as a resignation but did not further elaborate.

“It wasn’t a resignation,” he said.

ASLPC did not comment on the nature of the letter of resignation.

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