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Will Tanner
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The Nerd Quiz! Can you get more than 3 correct? (Scroll to bottom for answers)

1. What is the base for Spock’s blood?

2. What color was the shirt of the first person to die on “Star Trek?”

3. What superhero killed a man because that man believed the “Star Wars” prequels were better than the originals?

4. What video game character has appeared in over 200 games?

5. What video game franchise shares the same font as TV game show “The Price is Right?”

6. What video game caused the creation of the ESRB?

7. What mogul bought graphics group and bought renamed it Pixar?

8. What famous director was a truck drive until he saw “Star Wars?”

9. What video game is attributed with a coin shortage in Japan?

10. How many shots did the Millenium Falcon sustain from one stormtrooper while leaving Cloud City?

11. Pokemon Gold and Silver had how many programmers working to create the game?
















1. Copper

2. Yellow

3. Deadpool

4. Mario

5. Grand Theft Auto

6. Mortal Kombat

7. Steve Jobs

8. James Cameron

9. Space Invaders

10. 3 shots

11. 4 programmers


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