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Travis Danner
Editor in chief
Arcade Fire “Reflektor” (2013)

What’s a band to do after it’s graduated from being the little-band-that-could into a mainstream award-winning juggernaut?

A double album, of course!

“Reflektor,” Arcade Fire’s first LP since 2010′s “The Suburbs,” (which won a Grammy for Album of the Year) is a number of things. It’s long. It’s all over the place. It can be a chore to listen to at times.

In the grand tradition of rock bands using the double LP to indulge their every artistic whim, Arcade Fire pressed record and let it fly on this one. That means some jammy sections, some repetition and some tracks that require multiple spins to really gel in the listener’s mind.

But when it works, goshdang it’s majestic.

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